Making Money Online With Onebucks

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Making Money Online With Exitjunction  

ExitJunction helps you make money for traffic that comes from Search Engines. When a visitor landed on your site from search engines, they will be quickly brought to the ExitJunction sponsored listing page and then quickly redirected back to your site. The speed of redirection is quick enough that your visitors would not even notice that the ExitJunction sponsored listing page have been loaded.

Now, after browsing through your site and not finding what they want, your visitors will click the Back button to exit. He now ends up in ExitJunction sponsored listing page that display results related to his search term. If he clicks on any of the advertisement, you will get paid. It is that simple.

You are asked to install ExitJunction scripts on the header of every page of your website, but we find that installing them on the body works just as well. ExitJunction currently accepts sign-ups from countries around the world. You will need to have a website before you sign up.For any additional website that you would like to install the ExitJunction scripts, you will need to get prior approval.

Payout is via Check or Paypal once you have accumulated an income of $25. ExitJunction's Payout is between 30 to 45 days after you have accumulated the minimum payout amount.

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