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Review on mr.yang blogs. Here is the address.

Here are some excerpts from mr.yang's blog.

"Morning walk is very popular in Penang. I am one of the regular morning walkers.Every morning, I will either be at the Bukit Dumbar dam or Botanical gardens doing brisk walking.

According to most doctors, exercising three times a week, each time lasting 30 minutes is enough to keep us healthy. To me, if we can exercise daily, it would even be better for maintaining health. While walking, I can see various groups of early wakers with their own activities. One group will be practising t'ai chi while the others will occupy themselves doing line dancing or yoga."

"The HP iPAQ 2490 Pocket PC that I bought quite some time ago has proved to serve me well.t also carries details of my contacts and list of things to do for the day. It is more than a diary.

As for entertainment, I can listen to mp3 songs and watch movies thanks to such features of HP iPAQ 2490 Pocket PC.
I think this Pocket PC has become part and parcel of my life."

Mr.Yang's blog mostly describes about his personal life and about life of people in Penang generally. The post i like most is maybe the post about Penang on a Sunday morning. The pictures posted were really nice and one day I would like to have a visit to Penang since I myself have never been to Penang.

The posts on the experience of handling chillies are also very interesting and I will take his reminder on not getting my hands on chillies.

Check out Mr.Yang's blog and leave a few comments for him. Cheers Mr. Yang!

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