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Phew!!!!! Its been a while since i last posted on my blog. I' m really sorry for this. This has also affected my blog traffic. Been busy organizing seminars and meetings in the office. Finally I have the time to post again. To start off, I just want to share a few tips on how to increase your blog traffic. Even though my blog traffic is not that good, i still want to share this tips.
The 10 Best Ways To Increase Blog Traffic:

  1. SEO

  2. Commenting

  3. Networking

  4. Word Of Mouth

  5. Linkbait

  6. Link Out

  7. Stumbleupon

  8. List Posts

  9. Blog Memes

  10. Quality Content
Just to share with you guys, I have also found that there are a few young bloggers which have amazed me with their blogs at such a tender age. Check out their blogs at:

All of them are just aged 12 and 13 years old. Think thats it for now. till tomorrow guys. Cheers!

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